Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#WPi Wins Lynn Haven Main Street Revitalization Project

“Throughout Florida there is a growing interest in improving the appearance and economic stability of historic downtown business districts. In many communities, the main street is in a serious state of decline. Effective solutions to the problems of deteriorating building stock, loss of business, and the waning economic strength of downtown are crucial to the survival of the city itself. 

The Florida Main Street Program is an integral part of the state's historic preservation program. The state program and the national model on which it is based are applicable only to communities with historic resources sufficient to create a well-defined sense of place, a tangible link with the past. The Main Street revitalization process is, then, one of rediscovery rather than recreation. The Program does not deal in marketing themes (other than an honest acknowledgement of a community's heritage) and does not engage in recreating or fabricating traditional commercial centers. Such recreation is not historic preservation.

Main Street cities hire a full-time downtown manager, establish a Main Street Board (with representatives from the public and private sectors), and develop a local program to bring about revitalization of the traditional commercial core.” The Board is responsible to choose vendors to assist in the design of a plan which can be implemented. WPi is excited to have been selected by the Lynn Haven Main Street Program as the vendor (and Landscape Architect) to provide conceptual planning services for the Florida Avenue streetscape in downtown Lynn Haven.

Visit the Florida Division of Historical Resources and the National Trust for Historic Preservation sites to read more on this important program.