Friday, July 24, 2015

On Site @ Kinhega Drive Roundabouts Improvements

WPi was on site as everyone awaited the arrival a very special Live Oak Tree. The Live Oak was transported  and installed yesterday at the Kinhega Drive Roundabout in Tallahassee, FL. Learn more about Kinhega Drive Roundabout Improvements. 
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Your Gamecock Game Day Experience Is About to Get Even Better!

College Football Fans crave nothing more than the "Ultimate Game Day Experience" and that is just what is in store with the new Springs Brooks Plaza at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC. The improvements are designed to mirror the Award Winning USC Gamecock Park so that Game Day visitors can enjoy their experience from the moment they get out of their cars all the way to the into the stadium. The new improvements will provide more greenspace, trees to provide much needed shade, additional lighting, traffic calming, and unique brick walkways just to name a few. WPi's very own Kyle Theodore talked about the improvements by saying "It was to emphasize the pedestrian experience," "Going in to enjoy a game, our goal was that they have a pleasant experience on the way into the stadium." Check out the full article featured in The State 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Carfree Lifestyle - Make Room for More Bikes!

As more people strive to find ways to improve their health, the environment and their pockets, bikes are becoming more than a trend, but a demand. Cities across America are paving the way, so that bicyclists can conveniently travel by bike for everything from work to home etc...  A recent article on titled:  Carfree? Welcome to the neighborhood that explores "five new residential developments across the country that have laid out the red carpet for cyclists." Guess who made it on the list...The Atlanta Beltline's Historic Fourth Ward Park! Learn more about the 22 - Mile Beltline and the bike friendly accommodations that surround the 17 acres of greenspace. Click here to learn more about Wood+Partners Inc. #Creatinggreatplaces #WPi  #Atlantabeltline #historicfourthwardpark