Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coligny's "Central Park"

A fully developed "Central Park" in Coligny is essential!

The open space opportunity we have a Coligny is rare. Civic leaders throughout history that have had the foresight to set aside and protect key open spaces in the middle of developed or rapidly developing land have often later been later heralded as visionaries. We have such an opportunity before us now with a 10-acre piece of undeveloped land that is very well positioned to serve as a key civic open space and destination for passive use and special events for the entire Island.

It would easy to justify placing buildings on this site or swapping pieces of to satisfy one request or the other. But, we have challenged ourselves with the difficult task of looking forward and setting a path with extraordinary outcomes. Central Park in Coligny represents one of those extraordinary opportunities. 

We must protect this open space asset and make Coligny Central Park our gift to future generations. 

Hilton Head Monthly Article

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playgrounds for Seniors

Governing.com recently published an article discussing a new trend in the states.  Playgrounds designed with low-impact exercise equipment are popping up next to child-friendly parks- exercise for everyone!