Friday, September 11, 2015

Who's Birthday is it? Happy Birthday Jan!

Here at WPi, we love a reason to celebrate! Birthday celebrations are definitely a reason, especially when it's for Jan! Happy Birthday Jan! Hope you enjoyed your birthday lunch and cupcake celebration!

Sneak Peak of the Recognition Plaque @ Springs Brooks Plaza!

The Springs Brooks Plaza at Williams-Brice Stadium is truly a master piece and was made possible through generous donations, supporters and a team of talented individuals! WPi is grateful to have the opportunity to work on such a unique project with such a great team! Go Cocks! Can't wait to experience the plaza live tomorrow during "Game Day!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Game Day - Behind the Scenes at Williams-Brice Stadium Springs-Brooks Plaza...

The 1st Home Game of the Season is this Saturday for University of South Carolina football fans. We all know that University of South Carolina fans love their "Gamecock" football, but this Saturday the game day experience will be at a whole new level of excitement with the addition of Springs-Brooks Plaza! To get the behind the scenes information on the new addition of Springs-Brooks Plaza read this article Featured by The 
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